The Knot -- voted "Best of Weddings" 2019

Live action with Tradewinds

Fans pack the venue to party with Tradewinds

Jimmy Fallon decides to rehearse with the Tradewinds vocalis

The Tonight Show host decides to join the band 

Crowd goes wild when it finds out What's Going On

Tradewinds going on and it is big at Kismet Fire Island

Great moments from weddings caught by party folk

Bride and Groom get carried away with Tradewinds

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Wedding crowd pack the dancefloor to TW

Crowd bless the rains down in Africa in Fire Island

Fans can't help but sing along with Tradewinds

Tradewinds Goes Country in the Darkness of Roof top Dancers

On a mid summer's night, fans request Country Girl and darkness doesn't dissuade them from dancing and enjoying the evening