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About Tradewinds Entertainment NY Inc

Who we are

Tradewinds Entertainment NY Inc is the parent company of Tradewinds Band and a whole lot more for  over a decade.  We have multiple bands and ensembles  and a multitude of services that fit  all occasions and all budgets. 

Our Mission

We know that an event can require many pieces that fit well and serve the needs of the guests and clients.  We offer more than just one ensemble and can work out the needs and wishes of the host so that the event is more than just a party. 

Great Options for All Events

Many clients may be uncertain what entertainment choices are available.  We offer a premiere band but also smaller versions, different variations of the band, and also complementary services such as audio, video, DJ, lighting and afterparty options.  Also, party planning with our professionals often included in our services. 

Variety of options from Tradewinds Entertainment NY INC

Acoustic Musicians for elegance


Many parties or weddings require that special touch of elegance.  Our musicans excel at provinding the best in top shelf elgant music for ceremonies, special events, or parties. 

Different Ensembles Available


The premiere band is 11 pieces, but many times a venue or event may require a smaller ensemble or different configuration of musicians.  We have several arrangements that fit all events. 

Solo/Duo Musicians for small occasions


Thinking of having a small party, event or a venue that requires only limited music and sound.  We have solo and duo musicians who can tailor the music for any event and occasion. 

Jazz trio/quartet for ambience


Thinking of an elegant event or cocktail party and jazz is the thought?  We have solo, duo , trio and quartet jazz that give a top shelf musical program for all events. 

Afterparty DJ and party musician


The party doesn't stop, and we know how to continue the fun and music.  Ask our managers about after party options with live music, DJs or combination party musicians and DJ. 

Tradewinds for Theatres/Shows


Tradewinds has performed at many of NYs largest theatres and music arenas.   We provide a show for all ages, and guaranteed evening of exciting music from all eras. 

Tradewinds Entertainment -Lighting, Audio ,DJ services, Wedding and Party Planning, Event Coordinators



Our bands come with standard lighting or upgrades for band, dancefloor or venue ambience.  The music is not the only item that makes a party, and we know how to enhance the event with lighting. 


Need sound for your event, or recording.  We have professionals that do all aspects of sound reinforcement, audio and visual presentations, and recording live events. 

Dj Services

Thinking of having a DJ or band and DJ.  We can create the perfect package for your event or venue and also aferhours party. 

Wedding Planners and Coordinators

Our staff are professional party planners, but we also offer individual planners and event coordinators that can work with the band, or your event.   Our event staff have worked with venues for over a decade and are have successfully run events for 100 or 1000 guests. 

Afterparty Music, Performers

The party shouldn't stop when the band packs up.  We have multiple after party and after event options with DJ, musicians or ensembles.   Whatever the party requires, we can supply it. 

Contact us for all questions.

You can have many questions, and we are here to answer them all.  Send us an email, give our business office a call, or come by one of our bands events and talk to the managers.  We can help.  Contact us!

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Long Island , New York

business line: 516-847-4606 music director: 631-804-9539